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We’re incredibly passionate about being a responsive organisation – one that adapts to technological change and all the opportunities it opens. With a deep understanding of the ways communities form, grow and thrive, we engage proven methods and community building principles to accomplish your goals. We love delivering incredible work for our clients. Let’s do the same for you.

The agency

Pixeme is a globally distributed team with no central head office. Though our people are predominately based in Sydney, Australia, we’ve had Australians working across all corners of the world – from France and the UK. This distribution and decentralisation is by design.

Pixeme is at the forefront of the future of work. When you create true flexibility, you source and retain the highest quality talent there is. At Pixeme, we believe the freedom to work where you choose – whether at home or in a collaborative space – means a better work/life blend and happier employees.



We’re flexible to facilitate better opportunities for our clients and team.


We’re champions, thought-leaders and advocators of the community management industry.


Our work is about people: our team, our clients, our audiences and our peers.


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